1. What may be sent in the package via the Logisee services?

It is allowed to send almost any object except for those forbidden by law in the country of either the sender or the receiver.
It is also important that the package should be packed correctly.

There is the list of goods that are prohibited from transportation by the company (the list is not full):

  • antiques, precious metals and stones, works of art, documents of special importance, securities, diplomas, identity documents and similar items that can not be restored or replaced in case of loss/damage
  • weapons, narcotic and psychotropic drugs, materials listed by the UN Committee as dangerous substances.
  • alcohol and low-alcohol beverages, tobacco products.
  • human bodies or their parts, organs etc.
  • animals, plants.
  • perishable food products or any other goods transportation of which requires special safety measures or permits.

The responsibility for the contents and packaging lies on the sender.

Should you have any doubts whether your package meets the requirements, you are always welcome to get in touch with our managers and clarify the details.

2. What are the limitations in package weight?

Since our company cooperates with many partners that provide shipment all over the world, we can assure you that we will deliver packages of any weight which is appropriate for postal and courier services.

3. Size and weight of the package.

Our company provides door-to-door delivery. The main means of transportation to the final destination is courier services. That’s why all packages, that require special loading because of large size or weight that exceeds 30 kilograms, are loaded directly to the courier’s vehicle by the sender. Otherwise transport and loading conditions are additionally discussed and paid.

For more information about the conditions of courier delivery, please visit the web-site of the chosen courier.
Attention! If you have indicated the weight and dimensions wrongly, it may lead to the delay in shipment and cause additional charges.

4. Wrong dimensions and weight indicated by you.

One of the most important stages in package shipment is the correct measurement of its weight and dimensions. In case you have understated the weight and dimensions of the package, it may cause shipping problems.

Logisee company cooperates with carriers and offers you low delivery price that depends on the available space in the vehicle of the carrier who is en route to your final destination. That’s why it is important that the dimensions and weight of the package should be correct, so that it could be delivered on time without any faults in documentation.

Should some fraud be detected from your side, the company reserves the right to demand compensation.

5. Countries available for sending/receiving packages by the Logisee service.

Our company grows and develops constantly, we cooperate with the largest world carriers, every day new cities become available for us to ship packages to. Should you be unaware of how to get in touch with the courier service of the necessary country, our specialists will be glad to help and do it for you.

As for today there are such limitations for sending/receiving packages in the following countries:
Cuba, Ghana, Iran, Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Nigeria, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria.

6. What are the insurance guarantees for package shipment?

Any package sent via our service is automatically insured for up to 25 euros. Should your package be damaged or lost while being transported, we will compensate for your loss.

Attention! If the prime cost of the package or its value exceeds 25 euros, we advise you to get additional insurance for it.

7. Additional package insurance.

Standard insurance, that is provided for all packages by default (estimated package cost is up to 25 euros), has several levels. If getting an insurance for the package the cost of which exceeds 25 euros, you will be offered additional options for insurance for you to choose the most suitable one.

1. How do I find out the shipping cost?

When you enter your information in the Order Form, our system automatically offers you several options with different delivery time and price. So you can choose which one suits you most, and still you don’t have to enter your zip code.

2. Criteria for the delivery cost calculation.

Delivery cost depends directly on the dimensions of the package (weight and size), tracking opportunities and the time it will take to deliver it.

Our company does its best to make sure that our price policy is the most profitable one for the customers. So even if you find lower prices, we will make sure that you are not disappointed with our services.

3. What does delivery cost include?

Delivery cost includes the cost of the fuel for the vehicle and expenses for the courier services.

4. Why do we have such low prices?

Logisee company unites lots of carriers, couriers, transport and logistics companies around the world. Our goal is to track the routes and available space in storage areas of the vehicle, and that gives us the opportunity to deliver packages at as low prices as possible. Because if the car is already taking this route and it has some space for your package, why not take it? Since we are the ones taking care of all the necessary documentation, it is convenient for all parties to cooperate with us.

5. Delivery payment.

Delivery payment can be carried out online using Visa and Mastercard credit cards or PayPal and Bitcoin payment systems.

1. Request for the cost for the service.

It is easy to figure out the preliminary cost for your package delivery. All you need to do is to select the menu item called “Send a request” on the Home Page and enter the required information. After that you will be automatically offered several options with the approximate delivery time and costs. You choose the most suitable one. You don’t need to register in the system or know the exact zip code.

2. I don’t know the zip code.

If you want to know more accurate price or decide to use our services and send your package, the system will ask you for the receiver’s zip code, which can be found through the search engine on the internet. You just need to enter the word combination “zip code” and the name of the necessary town (and the country where it is situated). For example: “zip code Slavutych Kiev region Ukraine”.

3. How to use Logisee system to order package delivery?

You need to select menu item “Send a request” and enter all the information required by the system. Then you choose the best option out of the list, press the “choose the service” button
and enter information about your package.

  • After that you choose the insurance conditions for your package. Insurance for the package worth of up to 25 euros goes by default. Should you wish to increase the insurance cost, you need to select “Additional insurance”.
  • Then you need to pay for the delivery services. Check carefully whether all the information you have entered is correct and choose the best payment method. The next step is to pay the amount of money indicated in the field “Pay”.
  • While paying, you will be given all the information about your order (tracking number, order number, final destination etc) so that you can make sure everything is correct throughout the entire process.
  • After payment you will receive a letter with a barcode on the specified e-mail. This barcode has to be printed and pasted on some visible spot on the package wrapping.
  • Then you just have to wait for the courier to pick up your package.

4. Why do I need an account in the Logisee system?

First of all it is for your convenience, should you decide to use our services again. You won’t need to enter all the information all over again. Data about your orders and their status will be also saved in the system.
This information will become available when you sign in to your account in the menu item “Order history”.

5. I have forgotten my password?

Should you forget your password, just press the “forgot your password?” button and enter your e-mail (the one that you specified while registering) in the window that has appeared. Then we will send you a new temporary password which you will be able to change in the “Settings” menu.

1. Wrapping requirements.

The package has to be well-wrapped, so that the contents are safely fixed and don’t move inside, and the package isn’t damaged by other packages while being shipped. In case you don’t know how to wrap your package, we advise you to read the wrapping recommendations on your courier service website.

Some advice on wrapping:

  • Use cardboard boxes, preferably new ones. For example, you can use factory boxes for electronic devices. It is important that there is no free space around the object. If possible, fill it with foam plastic or rubber, wrapping material, cellophane bags, corrugated cardboard etc.
  • Don’t exceed the weight limit of the box.
  • All breakable objects, such as dishes and bottles, should be packed separately so that they don’t touch and hit each other.
  • If the package has the form of a tube, use the axial insert to make it stronger and minimize the damage during the transportation.
  • If you are going to send some solid objects with smooth edges (such as boards, barrels, suitcases), they don’t require any wrapping.
  • If your package is put in the bag, you should additionally put it into another one to minimize the damage from rubbing while shipping.

Take into account that:

  • Your package should be wrapped so that it can withstand a diagonal fall from a small height (up to 1 meter) and a static pressure that is 4-5 times its weight.
  • All containers have to be safely closed.
  • If you decide to paste your package with tape, make sure that it is safely fixed and not loose.
  • Large packages (furniture, equipment etc) have to be safely fixed to the pallets.
2. Requirements for the barcode sticker pasting.

After having paid for the delivery you will receive an email with a barcode and the information about the sender and receiver. You need to print it and paste at the forefront of the package (the widest side or at the top).

1. Contract.

You conclude a contract with Logisee company on shipment of your package to the specified place and according to the chosen tariff. Then you choose the courier and pay for the services. After payment all information about shipment and tracking numbers will be sent to your email.

Next email will provide you with the barcode and information about sender and receiver. Then you need to wrap your package, paste the barcode at the forefront and wait for the courier to pick it up.

2. Complaints.

Our company does its best to provide you with high-quality and convenient services. Should you have any complaints about the quality of our work, you can always get in touch with us and we will try to solve the problem.

3. Responsibility.

We are an online package delivery service. Our main goal is to unite carriers and clients and help them prepare the necessary documentation.

Since you are the one who chooses the courier service, pay attention to its rules and conditions to avoid any possible problems during shipment.

1. Tracking of the delivery status of the package.

All necessary information you can find in your account on our website by entering your package registration number into the “Track the order” window. This number has been sent to your email during the ordering process.

2. I can not pass the package on to the courier on the set time.

If a critical situation arises and you can not pass the package on to the courier on the previously set time, get in touch with us as soon as possible.

3. Passing the package on to the courier.

No additional documents for passing the package to the courier is required. You give him correctly wrapped package with a barcode that you have received via email pasted to it on previously set time in accordance with the order.

Should you not receive the email, please, get in touch with us as soon as possible.

4. May the cojrier refuse to take the package?

Yes, he may if the package is not wrapped correctly, has no sticker with the barcode or is of different dimensions and weight than the ones indicated in the Order Form.

5. Will the courier wait for the package to be wrapped?.

Should the package not be wrapped correctly or have no sticker with the barcode by the time the courier arrives, he has the right not to wait for it to be wrapped.

6. Loading of the package.

If your package is wrapped correctly and its weight doesn't exceed 30 kilograms, door-to-door shipping is provided. In case it is of large dimensions or weight or require loading with the use of some special equipment, its loading to the courier’s vehicle has to be carried out by the sender.

Courier service rules may be different, so we recommend you to read them first.

7. The courier hasn't arrived on time.

Please, check your order status. If you received the notification that your package is accepted but the courier didn't arrive on time, let us and the courier service know immediately.

8. How do I check my package status?

On the Home Page of our website there is the field “Order tracking” where you can enter the registration number that you have received by email after filling the Order Form. Then you will be able to see all the delivery stages of your package. We update this information every 24 hours.

9. Receiving the package.

We deliver the package exactly to the specified address.
If the package is sent to the address of a school, workplace, sanatorium, hospital, prison service etc, it will be delivered to the administration or authorized persons.

If the package is addressed to the legal person, it is delivered to the authorized representative of a company under his signature.

10. Documents required to receive the package.

In order to receive the package the one needs to have any identity document (passport, driving license, identity card).

Important! Only the person indicated while filling the Order Form may receive the package.

The receiver of the package writes down his first and last name, undertakes to store data and/or deliver documents, puts the date and time when the package has been received and his signature.

11. What should be paid attention to while receiving the package?

Carefully examine the package for any external defects or wrapping damage in the presence of the courier. Should anything wrong be detected, fill in the defective wrapping form given to you by the courier.

If no defects have been noticed while assembling the package and passing it on to the courier and receiver, our partners are not responsible for any further package damage.

12. The package was not delivered to the specified address (no one was at home), the address was not found, or the receiver refused to take it.

The sender will receive the notification via email that his package is going to be returned to him.
Delivery retry is also possible, thought this service will be charged additionally.

Should the package not be delivered to the receiver within 7 calendar days through no fault of the courier, it will be returned to the sender automatically. No sender agreement is required.
If for some reason the package can not be delivered to the receiver or returned to the sender, it might be stored for specific period of time at the Company's or its partners’ inventory. Package storage is charged additionally.

The storage period of the package and conditions of its further receiving can be found on the chosen courier service website.

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